A New Blog!

This will answer many of the burning questions

people have in a clear and straightforward way

The Public Rights of Way and Greens Committee of Bristol City Council are due to meet in the coming few weeks (at time of writing) and the the inspectors report will be made public shortly before that. We do anticipate possible delays on the originally scheduled date for the meeting, but we’re used to that.

In the meantime we have launched a new blog so that we can set out in bite sized chunks what the issues are and what our evidence is.

We are entirely run by volunteers as anyone who has followed our story will know, and as with many of the things we are doing this requires new skills so please be patient and bear with us as we work to get it exactly as we want it to look and function. It doesn't change the fact that all the information is correct and very useful. We are going to be building on it over the next few weeks but if in the meantime if you have any questions please contact us by emailing us at and we’ll answer what we can - although not everything can be answered immediately while litigation is ongoing.

Below is a link to the blog, please do visit, have a look and share it. It is followed by links to the individual posts which can be shared as well. The idea is to set out in bite-size chunks what are the issues are and what our evidence is.

Please visit the Blog here

POST: We need to talk about Stoke Lodge - an introduction

Links to posts are below, we will add more as the blog grows, or they can all be navigated to from the Home Page of the blog

POST: The Avon signs and ‘sufficiency’ - Bristol City council was obliged to make it entirely clear to the pubic that use of Stoke Lodge was prohibited, were the three old Avon County Council signs enough on a 26 acre site with so many entrances?

POST: What do we have to prove for a TVG? - the basics of the legal test.

POST: The Avon signs – ambiguity - so what did they actually mean? Warning or prohibition? No activities at all or just those listed?

POST: Never any sign at all: Cheyne Road - This is the main entrance for anyone for the bottom of Stoke Lodge, no sign was ever put here, surely the most obvious place if you really do want people to stay clear of the site.

POST: Why should this matter to anyone else? - What has happened at Stoke Lodge is happening all over the country, we are losing green space at an alarming rate. This is how it happens.

POST: TVG status: what’s the impact for Cotham School? - Not nearly as much as you may have been led to believe. Here’s why.


POST: Changes to education law and how TVG1 was misled - The devil is in the detail, and this detail is very important.

POST: The 2009 sign – not another one… - The sign at Stoke Lodge House, who had the legal authority to do what and where? It does matter.

POST: Statutory incompatibility – what’s that all about? What does it actually mean and why is it a mistake for Cotham and the council to rely on this?

POST: The smoking gun: seeking a landowner statement - What would it mean for the TVG and why is the council going to such lengths to stop us seeing it?

POST: 13 ways the Council and Cotham School showed they didn’t object to informal use - as if 12 weren’t enough...

The 2010 Cabinet Briefing Note - We can’t possibly know what the Bristol City Council really felt about ‘as of right’ use... can we? Well, yes, we can.