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This video was put together because Bristol City Council have recently decided that a petition signed by 4,400 people cannot be heard due to potentail legal challenges.  Please help share this video as far and wide as possible - surely thousands of residents have the right to be heard ? It does not prejudice any legal matters - so why have our Council refused to listen to us ?

What Goes Up....

When Cotham School arrived at Stoke Lodge, without warning, to build a 2M high, mile long high security fence our amazing community came together at Stoke Lodge to protect many beautiful protected trees. So many people gave up hours on thier time standing in the freezing cold, sleet, snow and rain for over 8 weeks - making a huge difference. One of the fabulous 'tree watch team' is also a great musican - listen to this !  What goes up...WILL COME DOWN. 

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