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How Cotham got its fence

How did it happen?

Over just a few weeks in summer 2018, Bristol City Council performed a dramatic u-turn which allowed Cotham School to put up a 1.5km long, 2m high metal fence around the historic estate of a listed building with no planning application and no landlord oversight. 

In doing so, it turned curtilage land into non-curtilage land and declared that the security fence is 'not a structure'. What was going on behind the scenes?

Judge for yourself

Our three videos let you decide for yourself, on the basis of evidence obtained under Freedom of Information rules.

Part 1: 

(10 mins)

Part 2: 

(8 mins)

Part 3: 

(8 mins)

Our petition video (March 2019)

This video was put together because Bristol City Council decided that a petition signed by 4,400 people could not be heard due to potential legal challenges.  Surely thousands of residents have the right to be heard ? It did not prejudice any legal matters - so why did our Council refuse to listen to us?

Alternative visions for the future (Dec 2018)

Our December 2018 video highlighting WLSL compromise solutions


This 8 minute video sets out two alternative visions for Stoke Lodge, including some of our proposals to enable school and community sports to be played again on this beautiful site, peacefully co-existing with community use as has been the case for over 70 years.

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