Save Our Parks campaign: WLSL response

#SaveOurParks: our exciting vision to protect Stoke Lodge as a green space for all

Click here to read our open letter setting out a new vision for the future of Stoke Lodge playing fields, following the Save Our Parks campaign launched by The Mail on Sunday and Keep Britain Tidy. 

Our proposal is based on working in partnership with schools using the playing fields, or alternatively launching a self-supporting community trust. It would involve groups working together to maintain community use and access in line with Bristol City Council's intentions, while providing an outdoor learning, sports and recreation area appropriate to this historic site and keeping this beautiful green space open to all. 

We want to see this wonderful, historic green space protected for school students and the community alike. The Mail on Sunday campaign highlights the £34 billion a year in health benefits that the nation receives from open spaces like Stoke Lodge.

Our vision sets out a way forward for protecting green spaces for shared use by schools and the community without additional costs to the Council.