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Some background


Stoke Lodge

Stoke Lodge is a grade two listed house set within 26 acres of land which was in notable private ownership until 1947 when it was bought by what is now Bristol City Council. Thoughts of making it an orphanage through to proposals to build a school on the land never came to anything and today the house is an adult education centre. 


What's been happening?

In 2009 a major development was proposed to include changing facilities, pitch improvements and fencing off the land.  A large number of the local community raised concerns resulting in a public inquiry.  In September 2010 the council's Executive Member gave assurances that the proposal to fence Stoke Lodge had categorically been dropped and that the parkland would remain with open access for all "as of right.”


In March 2011 Save Stoke Lodge Parkland (a separate group) applied for Town or Village Green Status for the parkland.  In August 2011 the council let the land for 125 years to Cotham Academy for a peppercorn rent. The lease being subject to  ”all existing rights and use of the Property including use by the community”. The school were aware that the land was subject to a TVG application, that the council had recently promised that the land would never be fenced and also this special clause to protect community use. 


Some key activity

Meeting with Cotham School 14.09.18


Please click here to read the notes from our meeting with Cotham School on the 14th of September. This link also takes you to lots of other background reading.

Town or Village Green Application


Please click here to learn about why We Love Stoke Lodge has submitted an application.

Letter from our MP following the 14th Sept Meeting


Please click here to see a copy of the letter from our MP following a meeting with key stakeholders and Cotham School on Friday the 14th September. 

A huge thank you to Darren Jones for his time and support. 

The signage erected by Cotham School on the 24th July


Bristol City Council refused a retrospective planning application for the sign errected at Stoke Lodge as it was threatning and misleading. Despite this decision on one of the signs, Cotham School have not taken down exactly the same signs that have been allowed to remain without planning permision. 

Pavilion Planning Application


 On the 22nd of June Bristol City Council refused a planning application for an 80 person changing facility due to the lack of a transport plan. The school refused requests form the council to discuss a plan for transport on three occasions. This was the 2nd application that has been rejected for the same reasons. 

 The community welcome a new application that is in keeping the setting of a beautiful Grade II listed site and has a viable transport plan. 

The Pavillion has now been refused planning twice so Cotham School have appealed and the decision is now with the Planning Inspectorate. We expect that the inspector will decide in May.

Public Rights Of Way


Stoke Lodge has a number of very well  trodden paths. A huge thanks to all of you who completed a Witness Statement to support the PROW application - we think it will be the biggest application the council has ever seen! 

We will update you once we have a date for the PROW Application to be heard. There is a significant backlog today - we have been told that it may be the end of 2020 before the application is heard. In the meantime the school have built a fence across the claimed public footpaths